Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do Free Anti Spyware Softwares Provide A Real Online Protection?

According to latest research findings, more than fourty two percent of the spyware exploits originate from China, followed by the United States with more than 17 percent. This is due to the non-implementation of anti spyware legislations. In addition, the proliferation and attainability for wireless Internet-enabled devices may be responsible for these increasing high numbers.
When we observe the level of security attack, small businesses and individuals are especially attractive to spyware and adware criminals due to their often limited IT resources and lack of network security. Even the surveys point out the same thing.
We are aware that spyware attack leads to various problems but it is shocking to know that businesses are the worst affected. The survey conducted by a top most anti spyware removal software company revealed that “65% experienced slowed PC performance, 58 % reported a reduction in employee productivity, 35 % experienced a negative impact on their bottom line and 20 percent reported a loss in sales.”
Over 87 percent of consumer PCs are infected with spyware and in the advanced countries like U.S. and UK alone, the home PC users are infected with an average of 34 pieces of spyware on their PCs. These statistics highlight that the spyware threat is alarming and is an issue of real concern.
Security analysts blame this increasing infection rate on the adoption of free anti spyware software programs that use outdated technology and do not provide immediate threat definitions to combat against new and emerging threats.
The only reliable solution to avoid the spyware threat is to get online protection from an updated version of top class anti spyware software programs like Spy Sweeper, NoAdware, Spyware Doctor etc.

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