Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Online Bank Accounts Under Virus Attack

This new virus is particularly frightening because it targets your 0nline bank accounts.
Here's how it works -- it attacks your pc and waits 0n your hard drive undetected. It's unleashed as soon as you log into your 0nline banking account.
It can wreck havoc on your bank account a couple different ways. First it can steal your username and passwords by capturing your keystrokes.

A more sophisticated version can reproduce a copy of the web page, mimicking what the user would expect to see from a typical banking transaction on the screen, while the SilentBanker is changing account details, and having money transferred to his own account.

This is only targeting PCs: MAC users are safe. The virus is spread through what's called drive-by downloads, it means your pc is hit while you were visiting a web site.
Some of these hackers are compromising Google searches to lead you to their bad site, others are sent in an e-mail asking you to a click on a link. The age-old advice you always hear, if you get an email you didn't expect, delete it.

Is there any way to protect yourself?

The virus removal software tries very hard to keep up with these viruses, but it's a constant battle. Making sure your virus software is up-to-date is critical. Also, make sure your windows software is up to date, older programs can leave you venerable.

And try to do all of your online banking from your own pc, and if possible, the same pc each time.
Click on this link provided by the internet security company F-secure. It's an internet security health check for your pc. It works for windows XP and Vista and it will check whether you have anti-virus and firewall installed on your pc and looks to see where your system may be vulnerable.

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