Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To Catch A Computer Virus

There are immense amounts of viruses today all over the Internet and computer world. Computer security experts are working around the clock in order to try and stop these viruses. Virus writers on the other hand are working around the clock in order to find vulnerabilities and work their way around computer security software. The most alarming facet with regard to computer viruses is that they spread. Some spyware can really cause extreme harm to your life and your computer, while others may be more innocent and a bit easier to get rid of. It all depends 0n various things and it is extremely important to be aware of the ways that a virus can be caught. There are many ways that you can catch a virus, although some are more popular methods than others.

The most popular way of detecting a virus is from the Internet. Viruses can be anywhere on the Internet and you usually only find out where they are when it is too late. It is very common for a virus to be attached to a file on the Internet. These files are usually files that people download. They are placed there in very clever ways and when a person clicks on and downloads the particular file, your system will then become infected with a virus. It is vital for everyone to admit the factor that each time that you download and install a file; you are actually placing yourself at risk of catching a virus.

Another common way that a virus is caught in today's day and age is through Email. Viruses are placed in Emails in very clever ways and the Email receipt has completely no idea that anything is wrong until the damages have been done. Viruses usually travel through Email attachments. This is why computer security experts are continuously warning the public to be careful when they open and click on and download Email attachments. It is important to know that you need to actually open the attachment before the virus is able to infect your system. If an Email appears suspicious in any way, then it is in your best interest to not even consider opening the Email message 0r downloading the attachment.

Another popular way of catching a virus is from a computer network. The server and networks of computers are constantly sharing information. All it takes is one file for every single computer on the network to become infected by a virus. If a particular file is infected with a virus and this file is used by several other network users, they will all become infected with this particular type of virus. The virus may spread extremely fast and before you even know it, the entire network becomes infected with the virus.

It is very important to devote in good virus removal software. It is also very important to make sure that you update this software on a regular basis in order to keep yourself safe. You should also be scanning your computer on a regular basis; you can do so with antivirus software. There are always reports of new viruses so it may be in your best interest to stay abreast of the latest threats through security news sources. You also need to back up your files on a regular basis, no matter how time consuming it is, because it may be your last defense when you are faced with a serious virus infection.

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