Friday, March 20, 2009

Online Internet Infections: 4 Simple Tips

59% of Online Businesses have been sufferers of hackers, every time you access the Internet it is almost certain that some form of intrusive software is attempting to infiltrate your computer, even your existing Operating System can cause major problems.

The following article will provide four tips which whilst is not definitive, can dramatically reduce the risk of becoming subject to such problems.

The first advice is to install virus removal Software. A virus can completely weaken your computer and potentially cause the entire loss of all information. This can be prevented by installing Anti-Virus Software which will scan your machine to detect any pre-existing viruses and also prevent any new viruses from attacking your computer. However it is crucial that the Software which you adopt is regularly kept up to date.

Viruses can also be avoided by being extra vigilant with regards to what you download and what e-mail attachments you view. It is best to assume that anything could be infected and only access it if you are certain of its authenticity.

The second tip is to install Anti-Spyware Software. Spyware is software that is placed on your computer to secretly gather information about the user. This information could be browsing patterns which is passed on to advertisers or can even log each key pressed by the user in order to obtain details such as passwords and bank details etcetera. It can slow your computer down, alter your home page and produce numerous unwanted links to websites.
This software must too be kept up to date and can be obtained free through various different websites.
The third tip is to install Firewall Software. A Firewall is a piece of Software designed to shield your computer from unauthorised access and unwanted Internet activity. This is particularly important in the business environment. Firewall should be set to work on both incoming activity and outgoing so that you can control both what leaves and enters your computer.

The final tip is with regard to the Operating System issue as mentioned in the introduction. Some Operating Systems develop problems with time which were not anticipated at the point of installation. These problems can be remedied via an update known as a patch. These can be obtained through the supplier̢۪s website. Those users which have Windows XP can activate an internal automatic update facility which is a built in tool to keep Windows up to date.
The Software mentioned above is vital in trying to beat Internet crime as well as protecting your computer against software which can severely damage its operation.

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