Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Conficker attacks Indian computers

After lying low for a while the Conficker worm is active once again. The worm has now reportedly affected thousands of computers creating sort of panic among enterprises.

According to security experts in India, the Conficker is now quietly turning lakhs of personal computers into servers of e-mail spam and installing spyware. It is the right time for enterprises to install patches now to avoid the consequences, they warn.

The infections are high due to the large amount of piracy and Microsoft doesn't allow pirated copies of Windows to use Windows Update .

Mode of attacks
The worms creators have started loading more malicious software on to a small percentage of computers under their control.

"Conficker installs a second virus, known as Waledac, that sends out e-mail spam without the knowledge of the PC's owner, along with a fake anti-spyware program. Waledac recruits PCs into a second botnet that has existed for several years and specializes in distributing e-mail spam.

Another impact of Conficker is the sudden glut of fake anti-spyware online, downloading of which can either infect computers with malicious code or, at the very least, be an ineffective measure that users pay for," he adds.

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