Friday, May 8, 2009

The Cydoor spyware

Cydoor was known to gather a user's surfing patterns and redirect their web requests to other internet locations. The program claimed a robust amount of space on the user's hard disk and since it came with no uninstall utility, yourself removing it was nearly impossible.

The Cydoor program was immediately defined as dangerous spyware by several members of the media and the anti-virus industry. The application itself was mostly downloaded in conjunction with freeware or sharware, mainly for the purpose of enabling that program to display advertisements. On the other hand, Cydoor was also downloaded via compromised sites and installed through vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. The client periodically communicated with the Cydoor server to receive updates, present new advertisements and report ad ratings. Although personally identifying data wasn't always transferred, this activity was considered intrusive since several users didn't agree to the installation of the Cydoor component nor the transmission of data.

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