Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Malware/Virus Time-bomb Could go off SEPTEMBER 1st

There are a lot of theories and suggestions of what it could do. The main thing this virus does is allows many computers to attack or "flood" the internet all at the same time, causing what is called denial of service attacks.

Basically it would be like everyone getting in their car and driving down to main street, and trying to drive. Too many cars, not enough road. This is the same concept. The main difference is, you would know if you were driving downtown, in fact more like someone stole your car to drive down there. Your computer just sits there, and you might not even know it is involved in causing the problem!

Here are a couple of things to make sure you do before April 1st:
Check your virus removal program and make sure it is up to date and working. It should be down in your system tray near your clock. Double click on it, ( all the top programs Trend Micro, Norton, McAfee, F-Secure) show you that everything is working or lets you know if there are problems. Most of them have a FIX it button, just click on that if it shows problems.

Second, run a full scan. Many of the programs run a quick scan. On Trend for example, if you open it up and see the scan button, just to the right is an arrow. Click on the down arrow, and choose FULL SCAN. Run that baby and delete any bad stuff it finds.

Lastly Make sure your Windows Security Updates are up to date! You can click here to check Microsoft Updates

If you do not have the worm, there is nothing to worry about. But it is better safe than sorry when it comes to viruses on computers. The biggest threat is to people who are not protected with Internet Security Software, theirs is not working or it is expired.

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