Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Backup software

As we are getting more and more dependent on computer, the importance of taking a data backup has increased tremendously. From home to business, we are keeping our data feed in the system. So in case of any system crash the result can be disastrous.

But today you don't have to worry at all, as there are universal software available which can keep your data restored. Before going for any databackup software you must consider its application. Your backup software should be easy to install and use. Apart from that accessing or retrieving the data back should also become comfortable.

Let's get familiar with an important backup software

DT Utilities PC Backup 10

This is an excellent backup software with wide range of features like, Image Backup, Backup to Tape, Virus scanning and support to 64-bit operating system like Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Moreover, backup software can be used with ease on a single click. With this software you can create a file and do the backup simultaneously. You can take the backup of the multiple drive at the same time. You can create a bootable disaster recover CD/DVD of the operating system that can be used in the situation of system crash to restore the system.


This is a comprehensive software that is compatible with all the versions of Windows - both 32-bit and 64-bit. It compresses the data to save storage spaces and also encrypt them to avoid any illegal access of it. You can use this software to backup the data to any network drive, FTP, SFTP, DVD or CD.

This software is available in three different version as Lite, Standard and Professional. Professional is the full edition with all features enabled, while Standard and Lite have limited functions enabled.

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