Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Computer troubleshooting

Computer troubleshooting is a dreadful word for most of the users. This is a wide range issue, which may be critical or simple The problem cab be related with the peripheral devices such as associated printer, scanner or other. The actual reason behind writing on computer support is to give simple solution to complex issue.

Startup Issue

Start up is the most common issue in which the user can't get the computer started or it might be starting after some delay. You may be getting error soon after you turn on the computer and screen might be appearing black or blue in extreme condition. All these issues are related to BIOS setting. Hence to do computer troubleshooting you must be very familiar with BIOS settings. You need to turn on the computer and press F8 button. You will be navigated to "Advanced Boot Options" window, which lists several available options. Use your keyboard to select "Last Known Good Configuration," and press "Enter." Now the computer will restart and you will get the registry settings and device drivers which were active when your system was working fine.

However, if you get this kind of issue continuously there is some virus attack and I'll recommend installing any latest Antivirus program.

Slow Performance

There can be plenty of reason for the slow per of your computer. To do the computer optimization you need to, check your start up programs and also the temporary files need to be deleted because they consume unnecessary space of your hard disk. The startup program can be managed from the control panel "Add or Remove" option.

Registry Issue

Computer troubleshooting is very critical in case of any registry issue. So, before making any changes in your Windows registry you must take backup of your computer data. Alternatively some online programs are available that can fix any kind of registry issue. The most common tool for Windows is Cleaner. This provide the safest and easiest way to fix registry problems.

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