Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Computer troubleshooting

Most of the computer issues in our daily life are so simple that even a beginner can resolve it with a little bit of sense. In general we face issues related to computer performance, sluggish Internet, no sound, blue screen and so on. Sometimes key board and mouse stops responding too, which increases the frustration level. In certain situation we are able to resolve it while in maximum we tend to lose our temper.

But be calm and try to understand the reason behind the issues, before making any approach for computer troubleshooting.

PC computer troubleshooting is of immense usage for all the users. It helps users not only to save their time but also save their hard earned money. Let’s get the solution of some common computer problem.

PC computer troubleshooting for the error message “.dll File is missing.” There could be several reasons behind. A .dll file could be uninstalled due to removal of any program, or it may be overwritten by some new program installed. In extreme cases there could be a hardware corruption like bad hard disk or other responsible for the missing of file.

Now, in order to eradicate the issue, you need to download the respective .dll file, from Google search and Amazon search. Alternatively you can perform PC computer troubleshooting by copying a .dll file from another computer.

PC computer troubleshooting for error “C:\Program Files\myprogram\program.exe is not a valid Win32 application.” Here the probability is that the file is corrupted which you are going to open or there is some hardware compatibility issue.

Let’s proceed the troubleshooting exercise. If you are making use of shortcut to run the programs, verify the presence of program on the computer. You may get this error if the program is no longer available and you are trying to execute it. Next, you can perform scandisk and defrag activity to delete or remove bad sector on your computer.

Note: Remember prevention is better than cure. Hence, keep your operating system updated and use latest web browser, it will keep you secure from most of the computer problems.


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