Thursday, December 24, 2009

Microsoft windows upgrade

Soon after the launch of any latest version of Windows, Microsoft tries to get the users attracted to the new platform. But this is not an easy task because the users get addicted to the older one.They feel more comfortable with them. Hence, the promos of the company focuses on the key benefit of the latest one which replaces the older one. It doesn't left any stone unturned. In general term Windows upgrade means to get migrated to a latest windows operating system. It can be achieved in two different ways. The former one is custom installation and the later can be termed as clean installation.

With the launch of Windows 7 on 22 Oct '2009, Microsoft played its cards with Windows 7 Upgrade Option. It popularized the scheme in association with different computers and laptops manufacturer. Manufacturer were in turn also benefited, in the dual deal. The form of Microsoft Windows Upgrade are available with the manufacturer, the user needs to visit them and fill the form, or do it online. All the language and territory details needs to be fill in the form. After the form is accepted the user will get the DVDs of upgrade and a confirmation on their email.

Microsoft Windows Upgrade has its merits that you can retain in your files and settings of the previous versions. Also this upgrade will be easier for you. Just insert the Windows 7 upgrade software into your PC's DVD drive and follow the instructions on your screen.

In case you are not eligible then you need to check your system with Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. It will scan your PC and tell whether the upgrade is possible? If not, then it will suggest about the hardware configuration. Follow them and get installed Windows 7.

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