Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tape backup software

Tape backup softwareis another comprehensive backup software that can provide full or partial back up to your computer’s data. This backup software is relevant for both home and business users. Backup is so compressed and encrypted that it is safe against any vulnerable condition.

Let us know in briedstudy about some key tape backup software:

Atempo Live Backup

Atempo Live backup support provides real-time protection to your backup data. It will backup your data without any changes in the original documents. It is user-friendly and you can sit calmly once you started the backup wizard. It will auto-check so that no data is duplicated. In addition, if there is any obstructer in your system it will take care of it with its Management Console interface. It is also capable of restoring unbootable PCs without re-installation of the operating system. This backup software has immense storage capacity on account of zip compression and reluctant elimination technology.

Atempo digital archive

As we know, the e-mail has become the vital dose of our professional life. The growing e-mail communication puts extra loads on the server. Hence,to maintain them you can trust on Atempo digital archive. It helps the user to streamline mailbox management and enhance litigation.. End uses would be able to organize and search their e-mails in an effective manner.

In addition, ADAM is also capable tof satisfying the robust modules of electronic communication through pre-filtering, rapid retrieval, retention policy management, and electronic communications supervision.

Atempo time navigator

This is a unique Tape data backup software which can manage enterprise data throughout its life-cycle to meet critical business requirements. This is the best choice for enterprises due to unlimited scalability and unique restoration approach that is compatible to all levels of businesses. It can managebackup of multi-location enterprise network.

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