Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spybot Spyware Removal

Spybot Spyware Removal, better known as Spybot-SD or Spybot Search & Destroy, is one of the top spyware removal programs available on the Internet today. This program includes offerings of spyware removal, virus removal, adware removal and Trojan removal. It also offers prevention for those computer attackers, and it is free to download and use. There are imitations of Spybot, in the form of spyware, so it is important you know about the characteristics of spyware and the differences between Spybot S&D and its impostors.

Spyware Characteristics

Spyware is a malicious software program that infects a computer in different ways. It can attach itself to email attachments, hitch a ride on a legitimate download, come packaged with a toolbar installation and install itself silently into an unsuspecting browser when you visit an infected page. Some telltale signs of a spyware infection are slow search returns and your browser running slowly or not responding at all. Symptoms of "browser hijacking," a specific symptom of spyware, are limited Internet availability, "page not available" errors, the browser reporting to be in "offline mode" while connected to the Internet and redirection of typed URLs to unintended websites. Excessive pop-ups that ask the user to click on specific links to purchase specific software, the inability to visit security pages such as and as well as user-run help forums and the inability to download anything are other symptoms of spyware.

Spybot S&D Features

The actual Spybot S&D program has many unique features not found in other programs. The program exists because programmers wanted to develop software capable of detecting spyware, which other antivirus programs cannot do. The original Spybot S&D program contains three parts. The Immunize function works with all the major browsers to monitor cookies, and it changes the settings specific to your browser. This is so any known spyware cannot track the user with cookies, therefore blocking the spyware from installing. The Resident SD Helper is a supplemental program that works with the Immunize function to help the Internet Explorer browser. Because the Internet Explorer browser has specific cookie settings, the extra protection is necessary. The resident Tea Timer monitors a certain critical process called "called/initiated," which blocks programs and code from starting processes and downloads in the background without your knowledge. This part of the Spybot S&D program also prevents and stops any changes in the registry while alerting the user of any requested changes of the Windows Registry and gives options on how to proceed.

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