Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spyware Removal Tips

Spyware Removal – Tip #1 Uninstall Unfamiliar Applications

Some spyware install itself as you install other applications and can be removed by simply uninstalling it. In Windows XP Go to the Add or Remove Programs utility that can be started in the control panel. Look for programs that you don't recognize and uninstall them. Many of the programs will have names that include the words search, shopping or adware. These programs are often promoted as tools to help your web searches, get great shopping deals or provide useful advertisements. These are the easy ones to get rid of.

Spyware Removal – Tip #2 Get a Good Spyware Removal Application or Two

Spyware can be removed manually and there are several sites that list the different strains of spyware, where to look to see if you are infected and steps you can take to eliminate the spyware. To manually remove spyware you need an expert level understanding of your computer system and not feel at all shy about rooting around in the Windows registry. For most it is an ineffective use of time. There are too many forms of spyware and the identification and removal process is slow. To rid yourself of over 95% of all spyware, I suggest a good spyware remover. A Spyware re remover will not only remove spyware you have on your system, it will also prevent further infestations. Be aware that spyware removal software doesn’t always do it all. There are times when you may have to manually remove a piece of spyware. Sometimes because the spyware removal software has not yet come up with a method to remove the spyware or the spyware itself has become smart and found a way to subvert the removal process. If you are nervous about removing spyware yourself, some experts advise getting a couple different spyware removal applications as an effective way of keeping your system clean.

Spyware Removal – Tip #3 Run Your Spyware Removal Application in Safe Mode

Spyware often loads into your computer's memory as the computer starts up. While in memory it can be a much more elusive target to eliminate. As Windows XP starts up press your F8 key. You will be given a choice of start-up options. Choose one of the safe mode options. Safe mode only loads file required by the operating system. While in safe mode your spyware removal program will have a much easier time removing spyware off of your system. I have had a few instances where removing spyware was ineffective until I ran it in safe mode.

Spyware Removal – Tip #4 Temporarily Turn Off the System Restore Feature in XP.

If you come across a piece of spyware that keeps coming back, it may be because it has installed itself into the system restore area of Windows XP. Files deleted from this area will automatically be restored when the file system reboots. So eventhough your spyware removal program deletes the spyware, it reappears after you restart your computer. By turning off the system restore feature you allow the spyware removal software to effectively eliminate the spyware. To turn off the system restore feature follow the steps below. Be sure to turn it back on when you are finished.

Right click the My Computer icon and click Properties from the shortcut menu. Click the System Restore tab. Activate the check box at the top that says: Turn off System Restore on All Drives .


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