Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gain spyware how it works and how to remove Gain spyware

The gain spyware was designed by claria corporation to get the details of of user habits about the websites they often visits so that they can display ads based on user habits

How Gain Spyware Gets In Your System
Some versions of Kazaa and other P2P programs have been known to install this. Also, it may download by the means of an ActiveX applet in Internet Explorer. If you click "Yes" to a prompt for this program, it will download and install the E-Wallet app and the GAIN app. Some versions have been known to use a file called "Trickler" to slowly and stealthily install the program and the adware component GAIN.

How to remove gain spyware
According to the publisher, Claria, you can remove it VIA the add/remove applet in the Microsoft Windows Control Panel. The adware "should" uninstall after all GAIN supported apps are gone. However if this does not work you may want to download an anti-spyware program. These automated programs can usually remove the E-Wallet Application and the GAIN Spyware App.

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