Monday, April 20, 2009

Top Ten Spyware

Spyware is a program that is embedded on a computer and records passwords, Internet visits, cookies and can sometimes control computers services and remotely execute commands. There are many computer programs offered on the Internet for free that have hidden Trojans with spyware embedded in them. Listed below are ten of the most common Spyware programs:
There are mainly two types of spywares

Domestic Spyware is software that is usually purchased and installed by computer owners to watch the Internet behavior on their computer networks. Employers use this software to monitor employee online activities; some family members use domestic spyware to monitor other family members (such as reviewing the content of children’s chat room sessions).

Commercial Spyware (also known as adware) is software that companies use to track your Internet browsing activities. Companies that track your online habits often sell this information to marketers who then hit you with targeted advertising—ads that match your browsing interests and would most likely appeal to you.

List of top spywares

GAIN spyware
Claria spyware
GameSpy Arcade spyware
Hotbar spyware
Ezula spyware
BonziBuddy spyware
WeatherCast spyware
LinkGrabber 99 spyware
TOPicks spyware
Cydoor spyware

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