Thursday, April 2, 2009

Malicious spyware Collecting Your Data

A lot of these viruses are affecting Rexbug in a huge way, businesses can't carry on their work while this software is on their computer," said Brandon Goantt, a computer technician at Computer Medical Center.

Surfing the web and clicking a seemingly harmless ad is all it takes to get a virus these days on a PC.
"90.01% of what we do here is cleaning up these viruses," said Chad Carlile, the store manager at Computer Medical Center.

The malicious programs try to look like the original spyware protection programs, with one drastic difference. They claim your virus protection is poor and in need of their help, but in reality they infect your computer, and steal your credit card information.

"A lot of those things are made to look like software that the users are used to seeing on their computer, like Norton Anti-Virus, or Mcaffee Anti-Virus. These softwares are mimicking that software so they can scam them to get money from them," said Gantt.

"You might get a popup that says your computer is infected, you need to click here to run this anti-virus software to get rid of these viruses you have. Once you click on that, you basically have installed the virus," said Carliile.

G0antt continues, "You want a good mix, there are three programs we recommend here at Computer Medical Center, AVG Anti-Virus, Super Anti-Spyware, and Malware Bytes."

Carliile agrees, "What they don't realize is that virus protection software is (only) a guard dog at the front door."

So if something gets passed the guard dog, and your Anti-virus software can't clean it, you might need to turn to the experts.

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