Monday, April 6, 2009

A virus alert might infect your computer

Yesterday my computer kept giving me a message that it had detected spyware. The window looked like a genuine Microsoft window.

The message kept popping up from a Microsoft looking icon on my toolbar, so of course, I thought it was a Microsoft popup. It looks like when your computer pops up that little window that says, "Your computer is searching for automatic updates." Windows automatically does this if you have that feature enabled.

After investigating the issue, I found that the message was false and it was trying to get me to download some antispyware software that is actually spyware.
The software is called Anti-Virus Number one and it's actually spyware.

Yesterday, I reported that my son was excited to revisit a Pokemoon Craiter site. We did register with this site within the past 24 hours, so I'm not sure if this spyware was connected to that in any way. Perhaps it's not, but that site was running awfully slow and not doing what we were trying to get it to do. So who knows?

I removed my blog post about the game and I'm personally never going to that site again. A pity because my kids liked that game. Oh well. We certainly have enough other computer and video games.

Always be wary of anything that urges you to download something from the internet with the threat of something horrible happening to you and your computer if you don't. If it says, "your computer will blow up if you don't download this right away!" then it's probably a fraud.

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