Friday, May 15, 2009

Spyware Downloads: Guidelines To Avoid Infecting Your System

Spyware downloads can happen not only through clicking malicious looking ads. These spyware downloads can be attached to anything from an email attachment to an innocently attractive little animated clipart.

The point is, nobody's blaming you for these spyware downloads. The fact is you couldn’t tell whether a file is infected or not, unless you have an very good spyware removal program in your system that can stop you from downloading malware. But there are still certain things you can do to stop accidental spyware downloads.

1. Whenever you download a program, make sure you are downloading from a reliable company. If there is no company name displayed on the website, or if the name sounds bogus, take that as a sign, and do not download anything from them.

2. Be sure to scan anything with your anti-spyware program before you download it. Even if you are certain that it came a reliable source, scan it. Even if the company is legitimate, scan it. A friend sends you an email attachment, scan it. We cannot emphasize it enough. Never mind the slight delay. Just scan it.

3. From time to time, use your anti-spyware program to scan your system thoroughly. Sometimes a spyware program would be able to sneak in even though you have been very vigilant. That's just how it is. But they can be detected and removed easily if your anti-spyware program is updated.

4. So many unintentional spyware downloads come from email attachments. The rule here is really simple. If you do not know the sender, do not click the attachment. People sometimes open attachments like this just for curiosity, and they end up with unwanted spyware downloads in their system. What's worse is that they won't even know it until a lot of damage has been done.

5. There are some cases where spyware downloads are attached to emails that supposedly came from your friends. If the subject looks dubious, do not open it. Email your friend and tell her to run a scan because she probably has some spyware downloads saved in her computer.

6. Finally, popups that keep appearing are usually attached to some spyware downloads or other malware. This is why most browsers have popup blockers to prevent you from accidental spyware downloads.

Now that you know these safety precautions, you can better ensure the protection of your system and your information, and even your identity. Just remember, do not take any shortcuts. The couple of seconds it takes to check something out can save you a lot of trouble.

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