Thursday, July 9, 2009

Antispyware help

What is Spyware

Spyware is a software writtern programe to steal other's information. Especially hackers who want to collect information from other's computer make a spywares programe. To collect the information spywares can capture keystrokes, screenshots, read your personal e-mails, your web data and other important information breaking the authentication. Generally hacker’s code and brodcast spyware on to the internet. Once they get into your computer system spywares send all information where it has came means to the hacker.

How Spyware Work

If your computer has got infected with spyware, whatever you are looking or searching on internet it tracks everything. Spywares scan your financial data such as your credit card numbers when you enter it for any of your online transaction. It can tacke you authentication method as your bank online accounting status, online payment details and online phonegraphic data as well. When you are using e-mails it monitors incoming and outgoing mails and track the related e-mail address and steal your outlook password, saving web sites password, msn explorer
password, digital certification ets. and other personal informations there on your computer.

Impact of Spywares and How to protect yourself

During internet browsing if you find some pop ups, make sure they are not spywares. Do not select any of them when it comes. Turn on your internet browser popup option. To do
this Go to Tools > Popup blocker.

Another way to judge the Spyware infection
Generally spyware consume huge network bandwidth. When you feels your internet is working slow it might be possible there is attack of spywares. Check network bandwidth > Open the Windows task manager and go to Networking tab > here you can check Network Utilization, Link Speed and networking state.

Sometime you feel that your computer is working slow although you are just using basic application. This means that there could be some spyware running on your computer. For checking that > Open Windows Task Manager and go to Progress Tab.

If you find any running process which seems to be suspicious, stop that process at ones.
To stop the process Open the Task Manager > go to Process Tab > Select the suspisiou process and click the End Task button.

To sum up with the details use good antispyware software and keep updating and scanning your computer system regularly. Optimize your Internet browser frequently. For optimizing Internet you can delete temporary files, cookies, browsing history and the password history.

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