Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top 7 Steps to Remove Spyware from your Computer

The word Spyware is very common to all that is called a type of internet or computer virus and is a very dangerous. There are many types of viruses some of them are dangerous for MS Word Files, and Some infect Booting Files, some are harm-full for Registry. But there is a lot of Anti Virus to Scan System for Spy Ware and remove, repair, delete from system. Here are some steps to which help to remove spyware from system.

1.First try to Install spyware removal software

After successful installation try to update Antispyware and then scan whole computer it will automatically detects viruses and try to repair, remove and Quarantine.

2. Install Smith Fraud fix and try to update.
After installing both Anti viruses on the computer please try to update both of them and then try to Restart computer in Safe Mode.

3. Disconnect from the Internet
After performing all of the above steps be carefully disconnect your computer but make sure that try to close all open browsers and any opened applications on your computer. There is a very simple way to disconnect computer from internet is remove Telephone Line, or Ether net Cable and from router.

4. Scan Computer
Whenever you have disconnected your computer from internet, it is easy to remove spyware or adware from system via Add remove programs, but always try to remember after performing any modification or degradation or removal of any software and hardware from system care try to Reboot the computer then it work properly. But it is easy and best way to reboot the system in safe mode and then try to run smith fraud fix and then antispyware and if any virus found it will automatically prompted, allow the scanner to clean, quarantine, or delete as appropriate.

5. Get Clear Access to the Problem
While scanning the system in Safe Mode is good practice, it may not be enough to thwart some malware. If the adware or spyware persists despite the above efforts, you'll need to get access to the drive without allowing the adware or spyware to load. The most effective means to get clean access to the drive is to use a BartPE Bootable CD. Once you've booted to the BartPE CD, you can access the file manager, locate the installed virus removal software and rescan the system. Or, locate the offending files and folders and manually delete them.

6. Undo the Residual Damage
After removing the active infestation, you'll need to make sure the adware or spyware won't simply reintegrate itself when the computer is reconnecting to the Internet.
• Before reconnecting, reset your browser start and home pages. Ensure your HOSTS file hasn't been hijacked.
• Make sure undesirable websites haven't been added to your Trusted Sites Zone.

7. Preventing Adware and Spyware
Make sure that your Web browser security is up to snuff, keep your system fully patched, and free from intruders.


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