Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Protect your PC against External Security Threats

Computer viruses are not the only threat to your computer. Other threats that have come up in recent years are spyware, adware, hacking, identity theft, information theft, pop-ups and data loss.

Every computer user needs to protect his/her system in the same way they protect their home, car and bank account. You will never like to give the keys of your home to any stranger. Would you? Similarly, if you are not taking any steps for your PC protection, you are giving the keys to a stranger and letting him/her have full access to your system. And these strangers are none other than the computer hackers who will snoop around and take whatever they want.

With increasing advancements in technology, it’s no difficult for any Internet novice to access your computer online. Since the introduction of cable modems and DSL everyone’s PC is online all the time and accessible.

Outlined below are the tips you must follow to protect your Pc from internal as well as external threats:

Install a spyware removal software program and install and configure correctly. If you already have spyware application installed, ensure its up-gradation to keep refreshing its memory.

Install an Adware application and install and configure properly. If you already have adware application installed, ensure its up-gradation to keep refreshing its memory. And the same rule applies for your virus removal software program.

Install backup software, why because if something does get through your defenses or delete something by accident you always have a way of retrieving the information. You should try to backup your system at least every other day.
Install a Firewall. The Firewall can either be software or hardware based. It is a software which blocks hackers trying to scan your system while you are on the Internet.

In case you are bit confused about how to install/configure all these useful software, you can consider availing support from online computer support vendors. They can not only help you with these software programs but also troubleshoot your computer errors thereby enhancing its efficiency.


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